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Firstness, a curatorial essay by Brian Longfield

…Slavica Panic’s (Toronto) Panbadges also use space imagery as each is a colourful take on a Star Trek communicator badge. Part of an ongoing exploration of distance and the virtuality of memory, these badges bring to mind a philosophical question about teleportation. In Star Trek style teleportation, the atoms of a person are disassembled and translated into data, which is transmitted through space. At the destination, the person is reassembled digitally from atoms in the air; the question being is the person who arrives the original or a copy? What becomes of the status of the original when it is reproduced over distances of space and time, as indeed the badges themselves are reproductions, with modification, of remembered objects from science fiction. Each badge is unique and the first like it, but also a copy of various costume properties from film and television…

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